About Us

Saravana Marundhagam is a rapidly growing herbal healthcare unit located in Arumbakkam, Chennai. It is otherwise the brainchild of Dr. M.Kalyana Sundaram, The founder. Dr.M.K.S has sound knowledge and good experience in the Indian system of medicine. His love for herbal medicine has motivated him to start this healthcare unit. With a history of more than 17 years in business, it is well known for its commercial activities and social responsibilities.

Saravana Marundhagam with its new ideas and enthusiasm welcomes you to serve the ailing humanity with quality medicines, to make it disease-free and help live a long healthy and productive life. Our Vision is to give quality products. Quality is our foremost considerations that exist in every stage of growth, which in turn ensures the satisfaction and wellness of our customers. We only deal with products that are highly efficient and have no side effects.

Saravana Marundhagam is one of a kind and a full spectrum growing healthcare with a rich heritage and is touching the lives of over a million people. Our herbal medicines leverage the beneficial effects of natural healing and provide top-notch nourishment to our customers. We ensure that all batches of our products meet the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and purity.

We are very passionate about the purity and the efficacy of our various formulations for your peace of mind. We provide huge diversity of ayurvedic medicines and treatments for various ailments.

We offer several ayurvedic remedies regarding beauty care, infection, and allergies, sexual diseases, digestive disorders, heart care, sleep ailments, urinary issues, anti-tobacco, anti-alcoholic, eyes, nose, throat, ear, skin, liver, mental problems, baby care, lungs, neuro disorders, and oral care product and numerous different health-related issues.