‘Return’ is characterized as the activity of giving back the thing obtained by the Buyer to the Seller on the Saravana Marunthagam site.


‘Substitution’ is the activity or procedure of supplanting something instead of another. A Buyer can demand for substitution at whatever point he isn’t content with the thing, reason being harmed in transportation, Defective thing, Item(s) missing, incorrectly thing dispatched and such.

Purchaser is requested “Purpose behind Return/Replacement”. Among others, coming up next are the main reasons:

  • Item was damaged
  • Item was harmed during the Shipping
  • Products was/were missing
  •  Wrong thing was sent by the Seller
  •  Item conveyed had a size confound issue
  • Item was terminated
  • Return could likewise bring about discount of cash in the vast majority of the cases.

An implication will be given to Seller looking for either “endorsement” or “dismissal” of the arrival/substitution demand.

Focuses to be noted:

Dealer can generally acknowledge the arrival/substitution independent of the strategy.

On the off chance that Seller differs an arrival/substitution demand, Buyer can document a question.

We urge the Buyer to survey the posting before settling on the buy choice. On the off chance that Buyer arranges an off-base thing, Buyer will not be qualified for any arrival/discount.

Purchaser needs to raise the arrival/substitution demand inside the arrival/substitution period material to the particular item alongside photos (of the bundle box just as different items got) or other significant confirmation as mentioned by Saravana Marunthagam.

When Buyer has raised an arrival/substitution demand by reaching us on Our Toll Free Number, Seller will return/supplant the item simply after the shipment is gotten by the merchant and discount will be finished inside 30 (thirty) days from date of switch get.

On the off chance that the Seller doesn’t have the item by any means, Seller can give the discount to the Buyer and Buyer will be committed to acknowledge the discount in lieu of substitution. All the item parameters will be required to be consented to in instances of substitution.

All delivery and other substitution charges will be borne and caused by the Seller.

Return Acceptance Conditions

Helpfully place your arrival demand online by bringing an issue up in your Saravana Marunthagam account or by calling us on 7838389846 or via mailing us on our

Email: *************@Saravana

In instance of Wrong Product/Size Exchange issue can be raised inside 7 days of request conveyance alongside photos (of the package box just as different items got) or other pertinent verifications.

if subsequent to opening the bundle client finds that the thing is feeling the loss of, the arrival solicitation ought to be recorded inside 2 days of conveyance alongside photos (of the package box just as different items got) on our email.

In instance of a harmed bundling, don’t acknowledge the conveyance of that specific bundle. On the off chance that you have gotten it and later, in the wake of opening the bundle, find that the item(s) is Damaged/Defective or the item is released, the arrival solicitation ought to be documented inside 2 days of conveyance alongside photos (of the got package box just as the item) on our email

In case items conveyed are past or close to their expiry date (drugs with an expiry date of under a half year will be considered as close to expiry) return solicitation can be raised inside 7 days of request conveyance alongside photos of items (Expiry date must be unmistakably noticeable in the appended photos).

Significant Points to Remember

Please guarantee that the item to be returned is in unused and unique condition. Incorporate all that you’ve gotten for the specific item you need to return like sticker prices, marks, receipt, unique pressing including box, complimentary gifts and frill. On the off chance that the Product(s) returned by the client doesn’t satisfy these conditions then Saravana Marunthagam isn’t at risk to re-lead the conveyance of the returned product(s).

In situation where a client had requested various items and on the off chance that one of the product(s) get harmed in travel then Saravana Marunthagam will either supplant the harmed product(s) and not the total request. In the event of non-accessibility of the product(s) Saravana Marunthagam will discount the measure of just the harmed product(s) and not the total request.

In instance of Refunds, the whole sum paid by you including shipping charges are moved to your record

Once your solicitation to restore a request is endorsed, a pickup will be started, after the item is gotten by us, it is checked against your case and in like manner, substitution or discount is started.

In the uncommon situation where a turn around pickup is impossible in specific zones, you can deliver the item through some other messenger. In the event of Self-Shipment, Saravana Marunthagam will repay your messenger charges (max. upto Rs. 50).

Replacement is dependent upon accessibility of stock with the Seller. In the event that a Replacement isn’t accessible, Seller will discount the sum for the equivalent.

Return/Replacement Non-Acceptance Conditions

There are sure situations where it is hard for us to help returns/substitutions.

  • Return demand is made outside the predetermined time span.
  • Any wrong requesting or somewhat devoured strips or items don’t meet all requirements for return.
  • We will not be at risk for discounts/substitutes for any accidental fluid spillage up to 25% of complete item amount as it might be an aftereffect of vanishing or messenger taking care of and so on.
  • Leakages above 25% will be secured under our arrival/substitution strategy.
  • Anything missing from the bundle identified with the item including sticker prices, names, receipt, unique pressing of item, package box, complimentary gifts and adornments.
  • Defective/harmed items that are secured under the producer’s guarantee, for such items a purchaser can legitimately consider the maker and profit the guarantee.
  • Product is harmed because of abuse or Incidental harm by the client.
  • Specific classifications like versatile backings, tights, wraps and tapes once utilized.
  • Specific classes like books are understanding material and in this manner not returnable once obtained.
  • Any consumable thing that has been utilized or the seal is broken.
  • Products with altered or missing sequential numbers.

We guarantee you that all items sold on Saravana Marunthagam are fresh out of the box new and 100% authentic. On the off chance that the item you got is ‘Harmed’, ‘Damaged’ or ‘Not as Described’, our Friendly Returns arrangement has got you secured.

Saravana Marunthagam Replacement Guarantee:

On the off chance that you have gotten a Wrong/Defective item you can return it to get a substitution inside 7 days of conveyance, if there should arise an occurrence of Damaged/Leaked/Missing Product, the Return solicitation ought to be recorded inside 2 days of conveyance. If it’s not too much trouble get in touch with us with a substitution ask for or raise an issue in your Saravana Marunthagam account. The thing will be reviewed and a fresh out of the plastic new substitution will be sent to you at the most punctual.

On the off chance that you are not happy with the size of flexible backings conveyed, you can demand a trade in an alternate size. (It would be ideal if you guarantee that the item is in unused and unique condition).

After the item is gotten by us, it is checked against your case and likewise, Replacement or Refund is started.

Saravana Marunthagam claims all authority to drop the arrival demand, in case of deceitful and unjustified protests in regards to the quality and substance of the items. Under such conditions, the items will be disposed of.

Return Process

  1. For Return insinuation, it would be ideal if you visit www.Saravana or then again call us at ********** (Open 10 AM – 6 PM from Monday – Saturday).
  1. Saravana Marunthagam client care group will check the case made by the client inside 72 (seventy-two) business hours from the hour of receipt of grievance.
  1. Once the case is checked as authentic and sensible, Saravana Marunthagam will start the assortment of product(s) to be returned.
  1. The client will be required to pack the product(s) in unique maker’s bundling.
  1. Refund will be finished inside 30 (thirty) days from date of switch get (whenever required).

Wiping out Policy

Client wiping out

The client can drop the request for the item straightforwardly by signing in Saravana Marunthagam account till we dispatch it. Requests once transported can’t be dropped.

In the wake of transportation if client still needn’t bother with the item he/she may decline to acknowledge it from the dispatch accomplice and we will start a discount after the item is gotten by us.

Different abrogations

Saravana Marunthagam additionally maintains all authority to drop any requests that our dispatch accomplices can’t acknowledge and support because of specific reasons.

Some different circumstances that may bring about your request being dropped include:

Non-accessibility of the item requested by you

Blunders in valuing data determined by our accomplices (merchants)

Non-accessibility of the amounts requested by you

Some other explanation outside the ability to control of Saravana Marunthagam.